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This week was a Week well worked!‏ 10/14/2013

It is a New Day, a new week, a new transfer and a New Zone!

So I got a new companion! Let me tell you about him!
Elder Sales (pronounced Sális) Is from the interior of São Paulo. He has been on his mission for 1 year and 10 months. And guess what? This is his first transfer as a Zone Leader too! I guess that means that President Cascardi really trusts us, because 2 Zone leaders who have never been zone leaders before is a lot of trust! He has been a member since he was 7 years old and was a DJ before the mission. I love my comp! He knows the doctrine, he is obedient, he works hard and doesn’t slack off. I want to be more like Elder Sales! He is kinda a goof, and is really funny when he tries to speak English, this morning he had some problems pronouncing sheet and Beach. English is really hard to pronounce for Brazilians.
The other new companionship is Elder Nielson from Arizona and Elder Ribero from Ricife, Brazil. Elder Neilson is uncle whitey. He is so WHITE, but he has the biggest heart and a firm desire to work and baptize! He is happy and excited to work as our District leader. Elder Ribero is a brand new missionary he is having a little trouble getting used to the missionary life. He isn’t as excited but that comes with time.

We have rock star missionaries in our Zone and I am so excited to work with them, we are really stressing obedience and obeying the missionary rules. One problem here is that missionaries for a long time have made exceptions to rules, but we are cutting the fat off the cow and exhorting the missionaries with love and a little fire to get on the ball and be obedient. Our last zone leaders left a bit of a mess being a tad “lunchy” but we are excited to work miracles here!

This week I have worked harder than any week on my mission. We have been getting out earlier and hitting the pavement trying to set the example for the zone of how to work hard. It really paid off! Yesterday we had a Baptism!

Fábio is a great example for me of someone who truly wants to follow Christ and do what is right. When we started to teach him he made it clear that he wanted to start a new life and be baptized as a Member of the Church. He was a referral from a member who simply invited him to come to her house and hear our messages. As we taught him this week we saw new light in his eyes and a firm desire to be baptized. I had the opportunity to get into the water with him and perform the ordinance. The font wasn’t nearly full enough because he is a big Brazilian jiu-jitsu teacher, but the baptism was perfect. As he came out of the water he gave me the biggest hug in my life and thanked us so much for the blessings ha has received. What a great experience.

We are working with a part member family who is having a lot of problems. Angelo and Valeria are both unemployed and looking for work. Angelo is a nurse and the non-member. Valeria is a relatively new member of the church. Last night we went and visited them, they were desperate. They are being asked to move out of their house with nowhere to go. We taught and testified that life is full of hardships, but when we seek to do God’s will, He will always provide miracles and ways for us to overcome our challenges. When we don’t do what God wants, then we don’t have the guarantee that “everything will be alright.” We challenged him to hear our message and prepare to be baptized this next week. He said “Let’s try.” I am praying that the spirit touches his heart and that as they do what is right, God will care for them.

I love you all! God Lives and loves us!
A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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Transfers and Kidney stones??!? 10/8/2013

Hello World!

Because this is a week of Transfers, P-day is today!

I figure that events in e-mails would be better told in chronological order so here we go:

Last P-day I rocked the house in Chess! (YESS!)

On Tuesday we had a great day where we taught great lessons and marked baptismal dates for this week we also taught 7 new people that day (YESS)

On Wednesday Elder Conceição woke up with “strange stomach pains” and couldn’t eat lunch and had to lay down on the Members couch. One thing that I learned from my mother is that when something is wrong (or if you don’t know if something is wrong) you ask a doctor so that he can say to you that everything is right. So we went to the hospital after lunch to see what’s up.

Turns out that my comp had a Kidney stone! 5mm that needed to be taken out. So from Wednesday until Saturday we were in the Hospital. It was cool because people would ask us to pray for them and we got to teach a few sick people and help them feel peace knowing that God loves them and knows how to succor his people. That is SO true. Elder Conceição is great and having a great recovery, pretty soon he will be back to his normal pace of work.

It stinks to be sick as a missionary, it hurts the work so much and you feel so guilty for that. But the Lord always prepares a way for HIS work to be carried on!

We got out of the hospital on Saturday and called a taxi to catch general conference! GENERAL CONFERENCE ROCKS! Man, I wish that every other week could be conference because hearing from God’s anointed Prophets and Apostles is so inspiring.

I found great wisdom in the talk from President Uchtdorf. He spoke of the Joys of being part of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and he continually made the invitation that we missionaries echo in the world. Watch, study, and Pray about the sublimes truths that were taught in the Conference. Here is the Link:

Well this transfer is bringing big changes in our Zone. With exception of 1 area, there were changes in all companion ships. In our apartment I am the only one who is staying this transfer and I will be a new Zone Leader here! I am really humbled with this new opportunity to serve. The Lord doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies who is called! This next transfer will be a great growing opportunity for me here as I learn how to serve a whole zone of missionaries. Pray for me!

Amo todos de vocês!
Have a great week!
Elder Topper Yost

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Happy October! 9/30/2013

Another September has passed! Another week as well!

Here in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro we have been having a cold front and a Lot of rain! In 2012 the rains here caused over 3000 deaths so we have been super careful to avoid dangerous areas! But don’t worry, all is well!

So here is what everyone says about the Yost family here in Brazil when they see my Photos
Dad: Everyone says he looks too young to be 50 and a lot of the time they say he looks like my brother.
Mom: Everyone thinks you are a gorgeous blonde and look way younger than you are
Allie: Everyone says that we look exactly the same! LOL that and they say that you are super cute.
Tia: All of the Missionaries here want you to marry them. They all agree that Tom must have served a great mission for him to marry you.
Brick: The people think you are the wildest boy in the world, but that your smile is the best thing ever.

Friday we had a missionary night at the chapel. It was a movie night and while everyone was watching 17 Miracles in Portuguese, we were in the kitchen making pancakes and syrup for the members and the investigators. It was a success. Everyone LOVED the recipe that Mom gave me (thank you mom). As expected the butter syrup was a BIG hit and the star of the night, I think we are going to do it every few weeks because it excited the members and generated good references for us!

So this month was the first month in a LONG time that we didn’t baptize anyone. Out of over 50 people that over the month had promised to come to church, this week we had our first investigator come with us. It was a time for reflection and analysis. I have seen this month as a Zion’s camp for us in Teresópolis.

As a Smart man said:

“Zion’s Camp was formed to reestablish the Saints in Jackson County, Missouri. In this “effort to redeem Zion,” some 200 men traveled more than a thousand miles in the most trying circumstances under the personal leadership of the Prophet Joseph Smith. George A. Smith said of Zion’s Camp:
The Prophet Joseph took a full share of the fatigues of the entire journey. In addition to the care of providing for the Camp and presiding over it, he walked most of the time and had a full proportion of blistered bloody and sore feet, which was the natural result of walking from 25 to 40 miles a day in a hot season of the year. But during the entire trip he never uttered a murmur or complaint, while most of the men in the Camp complained to him of … scanty supply of provisions, poor quality of bread, … maggotty bacon and cheese, &c. … Yet we were the Camp of Zion, and many of us were prayerless, thoughtless, careless, heedless, foolish or devilish … . Joseph had to bear with us and tutor us, like children. There were many, however, in the Camp who never murmured and who were always ready and willing to do as our leaders desired.

Although Zion’s Camp failed in its stated purpose of restoring the Saints to their lands in Jackson County, Missouri, it was invaluable as a stern schooling. They learned that faith is more important than life itself. At a conference held February 14, 1835, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the Seventy were chosen from the ranks of those who had served in Zion’s Camp. These valiant brethren led the Church for the next 50 years.

The Lord tries our Patience and our faith (see Mosiah 23:21-22) he does that so that we trust in Him. In many ways, these are lessons that I have learned this last month and that I will apply this next month!

Happy Conference-ing!

Elder Topper Yost

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What a Wonderful World ‏ 9/23/13

I see skies of blue,
and clouds of White…
And I think to myself,
What a Wonderful World!

Olá! It’s great to be healthy and working in the lords Vinyard!

So last week I talked about some potential medical problems that I was having I am Happy to say that I won’t have to have any surgery and that I am back to working in closed toe shoes!

This week has been tough on me and on my companion. Really this whole month has been tough. I have never had problems baptizing or having people come to church, but this last month I feel that I have been thoroughly tried and tested. Saturday we had 14 people who all said they would go to church. We had high hopes for investigators who would progress; we had prayed and fasted for success. Sunday morning before church we ran out of the door early to wake up everyone who said they would go. No one went. When I got to the chapel, I really started to get down. I felt that all of my dreams had been crushed. I started to try and figure out what went wrong, why everything just went wrong and I spent the entire day just miserable. All of our appointments had fallen through throughout the week and no one was accepting our visit. We were walking in the street desperate to teach someone. It was just a tough day and week.

The Lord is trying to teach us something, and I know that I won’t let these problems get us down. When life throws us lemons we got to make lemonade. In Preach My Gospel it teaches great lessons about patience, humility and diligence. We always have a choice when things don’t go well, we can lower our expectations, weaken our plans, and enter into the slums of sadness, or we can get on our knees, pray for guidance, pick up our chins, get to work and expect miracles living happily. I think the first option is a lot easier, maybe even justified at times. But the Lord can give us strength so that the second option can fill us with His spirit.

This is the Work of the Lord, He Lives. I am happy that I have this time to press on as it says in the

Firm as the mountains around us,
Stalwart and brave we stand
On the rock our fathers planted
For us in this goodly land—
The rock of honor and virtue,
Of faith in the living God.
They raised his banner triumphant—
Over the desert sod.

And we hear the desert singing:
Carry on, carry on, carry on!
Hills and vales and mountains ringing:
Carry on, carry on, carry on!
Holding aloft our colors,
We march in the glorious dawn.
O youth of the noble birthright,
Carry on, carry on, carry on!

Elder Topper Yost

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IT’s P-day! 9/16/2013

Hey world! Its p-day!

Elder Yost reporting in from Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro Brazil!

So here in Teresópolis everyone is overly obsessed with a rock formation called o Dedo de Deus. Which in English is called God’s Finger, Look it up!

We had a weird week. Tuesday we were in the hospital all day looking at my foot and while we were there my companion elder Conceiçao picked up a Strep Throat infection! We were out of the work most of the week and so it was way tough to fight to reach our goals.

Being sick stinks in general and especially on the mission but now we are feeling a bit better and getting back to work!

We had some cool miracles this week as last night we had a great lesson with a man who we found through a former investigator WAY at the back of our area book! he accepted all of our challenges and we are working with him for a baptismal date on the 29th!

This will be an exciting week too because I am going under the knife again to take out a bad toenail! YIKES! Moral of the story, your feet are important; I mean we only have 2 of them!
Deus conhece seus pés e ama eles também!

Have a great week! Sorry for another short e-mail! Hope that next week I get to write more!

Elder Topper Yost

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Well the week was cool! 9/9/2013

I really don’t have too much time to do a full report on our week’s activities but I will speak about a cool experience that we had.

As we were looking for a non-active member to help reactivate we were stopped by a man named Carlito. We started to teach him as we were all in the street and we felt inspired to talk about the plan of salvation. As we taught, he opened up about how his mother had died the day before and how over the past years 3 other of his brothers had also passed away. We testified about the eternal nature of families and prayed with him as we talked with him. He left smiling and we are excited to teach him again really soon!

The lord really cares for each of his children, he knows us by name and wants us to feel peace in our lives through the difficulties that come and go.

The Gospel and the Church are True!

A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost

Here is the address of the New Mission!
Elder Topper Yost
Juiz de Fora Mission
Ave. Barão do Rio Branco 3053 salas 901/902
Juiz de Fora, MG Brazil

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