Happy October! 9/30/2013

Another September has passed! Another week as well!

Here in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro we have been having a cold front and a Lot of rain! In 2012 the rains here caused over 3000 deaths so we have been super careful to avoid dangerous areas! But don’t worry, all is well!

So here is what everyone says about the Yost family here in Brazil when they see my Photos
Dad: Everyone says he looks too young to be 50 and a lot of the time they say he looks like my brother.
Mom: Everyone thinks you are a gorgeous blonde and look way younger than you are
Allie: Everyone says that we look exactly the same! LOL that and they say that you are super cute.
Tia: All of the Missionaries here want you to marry them. They all agree that Tom must have served a great mission for him to marry you.
Brick: The people think you are the wildest boy in the world, but that your smile is the best thing ever.

Friday we had a missionary night at the chapel. It was a movie night and while everyone was watching 17 Miracles in Portuguese, we were in the kitchen making pancakes and syrup for the members and the investigators. It was a success. Everyone LOVED the recipe that Mom gave me (thank you mom). As expected the butter syrup was a BIG hit and the star of the night, I think we are going to do it every few weeks because it excited the members and generated good references for us!

So this month was the first month in a LONG time that we didn’t baptize anyone. Out of over 50 people that over the month had promised to come to church, this week we had our first investigator come with us. It was a time for reflection and analysis. I have seen this month as a Zion’s camp for us in Teresópolis.

As a Smart man said:

“Zion’s Camp was formed to reestablish the Saints in Jackson County, Missouri. In this “effort to redeem Zion,” some 200 men traveled more than a thousand miles in the most trying circumstances under the personal leadership of the Prophet Joseph Smith. George A. Smith said of Zion’s Camp:
The Prophet Joseph took a full share of the fatigues of the entire journey. In addition to the care of providing for the Camp and presiding over it, he walked most of the time and had a full proportion of blistered bloody and sore feet, which was the natural result of walking from 25 to 40 miles a day in a hot season of the year. But during the entire trip he never uttered a murmur or complaint, while most of the men in the Camp complained to him of … scanty supply of provisions, poor quality of bread, … maggotty bacon and cheese, &c. … Yet we were the Camp of Zion, and many of us were prayerless, thoughtless, careless, heedless, foolish or devilish … . Joseph had to bear with us and tutor us, like children. There were many, however, in the Camp who never murmured and who were always ready and willing to do as our leaders desired.

Although Zion’s Camp failed in its stated purpose of restoring the Saints to their lands in Jackson County, Missouri, it was invaluable as a stern schooling. They learned that faith is more important than life itself. At a conference held February 14, 1835, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the Seventy were chosen from the ranks of those who had served in Zion’s Camp. These valiant brethren led the Church for the next 50 years.

The Lord tries our Patience and our faith (see Mosiah 23:21-22) he does that so that we trust in Him. In many ways, these are lessons that I have learned this last month and that I will apply this next month!

Happy Conference-ing!

Elder Topper Yost


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