Transfers and Kidney stones??!? 10/8/2013

Hello World!

Because this is a week of Transfers, P-day is today!

I figure that events in e-mails would be better told in chronological order so here we go:

Last P-day I rocked the house in Chess! (YESS!)

On Tuesday we had a great day where we taught great lessons and marked baptismal dates for this week we also taught 7 new people that day (YESS)

On Wednesday Elder Conceição woke up with “strange stomach pains” and couldn’t eat lunch and had to lay down on the Members couch. One thing that I learned from my mother is that when something is wrong (or if you don’t know if something is wrong) you ask a doctor so that he can say to you that everything is right. So we went to the hospital after lunch to see what’s up.

Turns out that my comp had a Kidney stone! 5mm that needed to be taken out. So from Wednesday until Saturday we were in the Hospital. It was cool because people would ask us to pray for them and we got to teach a few sick people and help them feel peace knowing that God loves them and knows how to succor his people. That is SO true. Elder Conceição is great and having a great recovery, pretty soon he will be back to his normal pace of work.

It stinks to be sick as a missionary, it hurts the work so much and you feel so guilty for that. But the Lord always prepares a way for HIS work to be carried on!

We got out of the hospital on Saturday and called a taxi to catch general conference! GENERAL CONFERENCE ROCKS! Man, I wish that every other week could be conference because hearing from God’s anointed Prophets and Apostles is so inspiring.

I found great wisdom in the talk from President Uchtdorf. He spoke of the Joys of being part of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and he continually made the invitation that we missionaries echo in the world. Watch, study, and Pray about the sublimes truths that were taught in the Conference. Here is the Link:

Well this transfer is bringing big changes in our Zone. With exception of 1 area, there were changes in all companion ships. In our apartment I am the only one who is staying this transfer and I will be a new Zone Leader here! I am really humbled with this new opportunity to serve. The Lord doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies who is called! This next transfer will be a great growing opportunity for me here as I learn how to serve a whole zone of missionaries. Pray for me!

Amo todos de vocês!
Have a great week!
Elder Topper Yost


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