This week was a Week well worked!‏ 10/14/2013

It is a New Day, a new week, a new transfer and a New Zone!

So I got a new companion! Let me tell you about him!
Elder Sales (pronounced Sális) Is from the interior of São Paulo. He has been on his mission for 1 year and 10 months. And guess what? This is his first transfer as a Zone Leader too! I guess that means that President Cascardi really trusts us, because 2 Zone leaders who have never been zone leaders before is a lot of trust! He has been a member since he was 7 years old and was a DJ before the mission. I love my comp! He knows the doctrine, he is obedient, he works hard and doesn’t slack off. I want to be more like Elder Sales! He is kinda a goof, and is really funny when he tries to speak English, this morning he had some problems pronouncing sheet and Beach. English is really hard to pronounce for Brazilians.
The other new companionship is Elder Nielson from Arizona and Elder Ribero from Ricife, Brazil. Elder Neilson is uncle whitey. He is so WHITE, but he has the biggest heart and a firm desire to work and baptize! He is happy and excited to work as our District leader. Elder Ribero is a brand new missionary he is having a little trouble getting used to the missionary life. He isn’t as excited but that comes with time.

We have rock star missionaries in our Zone and I am so excited to work with them, we are really stressing obedience and obeying the missionary rules. One problem here is that missionaries for a long time have made exceptions to rules, but we are cutting the fat off the cow and exhorting the missionaries with love and a little fire to get on the ball and be obedient. Our last zone leaders left a bit of a mess being a tad “lunchy” but we are excited to work miracles here!

This week I have worked harder than any week on my mission. We have been getting out earlier and hitting the pavement trying to set the example for the zone of how to work hard. It really paid off! Yesterday we had a Baptism!

Fábio is a great example for me of someone who truly wants to follow Christ and do what is right. When we started to teach him he made it clear that he wanted to start a new life and be baptized as a Member of the Church. He was a referral from a member who simply invited him to come to her house and hear our messages. As we taught him this week we saw new light in his eyes and a firm desire to be baptized. I had the opportunity to get into the water with him and perform the ordinance. The font wasn’t nearly full enough because he is a big Brazilian jiu-jitsu teacher, but the baptism was perfect. As he came out of the water he gave me the biggest hug in my life and thanked us so much for the blessings ha has received. What a great experience.

We are working with a part member family who is having a lot of problems. Angelo and Valeria are both unemployed and looking for work. Angelo is a nurse and the non-member. Valeria is a relatively new member of the church. Last night we went and visited them, they were desperate. They are being asked to move out of their house with nowhere to go. We taught and testified that life is full of hardships, but when we seek to do God’s will, He will always provide miracles and ways for us to overcome our challenges. When we don’t do what God wants, then we don’t have the guarantee that “everything will be alright.” We challenged him to hear our message and prepare to be baptized this next week. He said “Let’s try.” I am praying that the spirit touches his heart and that as they do what is right, God will care for them.

I love you all! God Lives and loves us!
A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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