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Well in an hour I am stepping on a bus and going to the mission office in Juiz de Fora because after 11 weeks here in Teresópolis, I am getting transferred! I am going to a new zone in Volta Redonda on the Rio side of the mission!

I am super bummed to leave Teresópolis! We have changed the zone SO much! This next week there are going to be 10 baptisms here in Teresopolis 2coming from our area! It stinks to have to miss out on that! We had 5 investigators in church this last Sunday and the ward is kicking into gear with great referrals from the ward!

This last transfer was the craziest transfer in my mission! We baptized 3 men. We brought a zone to the top of the mission as far as baptizing goes. Now I have to do the same with a new zone! It will be great and the miracles will follow!

It is tough to leave behind my roommates that have gotten so close together. They are great and we are all with high spirits and hopes for this next transfer!

I am out of time unfortunately but I want to bear my testimony about Eternal families. We are working with a man who is a widower who loved his wife. He still does. It is so great to know that through God’s plan, we will be able to live with our families in His presence forever. Death isn’t the end for us nor for our families. How great is God’s plan!

Have a GREAT week!
O Senhor nos ama! Ele quer que sejamos felized com as nossas famílias!
Elder Topper Yost


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Another Month, another transfer 1‏ 1/04/2013

Happy November!

We are in the eleventh month of the year! Woot!

Just a note, my next p-day will be on a Tuesday because of the transfer next week. So I will only respond next Tuesday!

Thanks for your e-mails and your Photos about Halloween! Halloween here was just a normal day, but we bought a bunch of candy and ate until we were sick! I love American traditions! After we came home we did some costume fun with sheets and shirts LOL I got to be a ninja using a t-shirt and Elder Neilson was a Ghost using a bed sheet! Good times! Best costume ever!

So this week was great! We had our 3rd baptism of a potential priesthood holder! His name is Rafael and he is 20 years old! He reminds me a lot of Zach Law. He is brilliant; he remembers everything we taught perfectly! But he always shows up about 20-30 minutes late to our lessons in the church. Every day that we taught him i got super stressed after 5 minutes waiting for him. I always thought stuff like. “Something happened, he is totally going to flake, someone said something, he is avoiding us…” I get super stressed… We went to teach him on Saturday and couldn’t get a hold of him. We were fasting that everything would go right with his baptism. After hours of trying to talk to him, I was close to losing hope on him. But, as we were walking in the street he flagged us down from his car and we got to teach him after all that day and he was super excited for his baptism. He always pulled through! I need to relax sometimes; I guess and trust people more. His baptismal meeting was the best one I have seen in a while. The bishop talked, the ward mission leader gave some great comments, and there was a special musical number from the youth in the ward. Elder Sales got wet! I love the spirit that fills the room after a good baptism, it is super cool and gratifying to feel that spirit confirm that God is happy with the work we have been doing! Now we are going after the rest of his family including his 2 parents and 7 younger siblings!

We have filled up the font every week for this last transfer. Miracles have been flooding for our obedience and our dedication. Those are the keys for missionary success!

I never really had a super strong testimony of the fast, but this fast Sunday strengthened my faith that fasting works! The Lord Lives and Loves us! He is willing to bless us. The only thing is that he can’t bless us unless we are obedient to his commandments. That is the truth!

Have a Great week world!
A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost

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Happy Halloween!‏ 10/28/2013

Grim grinning ghost come out to terrorize!

Wow it is the second Halloween of my mission! For those of you who don’t know, Halloween only exists in the USA, and holidays really don’t exist for missionaries outside of Christmas. I think my costume for Halloween this year will comprise of swapping a tie with my comp… Pretty creative huh?

Well it was a GREAT month/week that flew by so fast! We are having miracles and success in a part of the mission that is known for the hard hearts of the people. As it was prophesied:
“…and men’s hearts shall fail them…
And the love of men shall wax cold, and iniquity shall abound…”

We are meeting a lot of opposition. People are shutting their doors and closing their hearts. The minute that we say “Book of Mormon,” or “Joseph Smith” 4 out of 5 lessons end on the spot. IT is so tough! But in the midst of that we carry on the Cross of Jesus and preach boldly the good tidings of great joy that the Lord has restored His Church and His Everlasting Gospel!

We had a baptism yesterday of Ângelo! He is the father of a family whose wife was baptized over a year ago. His baptism was the accumulation of many of her prayers and fasts. Over the last few weeks that we have worked with him we saw a new light enter his life and his home. He met opposition; give up Coffee as well as other sins to follow Christ. He is reading the Book of Mormon, and His family will be sealed for time and all eternity in a year from now! He is really a great father and he knows that what he is following is the truth! Oh how I love the mission! It really is proving to be the best two years. My faith has grown immensely as I have seen time after time the blessings of the gospel shed on countless individual and families!

I can’t imagine where I would be if I weren’t here right now, nor do I want to try! I am so grateful for the gospel in my own life; I am so grateful that my parents brought me up in a home centered on Christ and the Temple!

I know this work is true and is the work of our God! He lives!
Have an amazing week!
Elder Topper Yost

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October 21st 10/21/2013

Hey World!

Daylight savings stinks!

It was just another great week in paradise, and not much extraordinary happened, but I got just a couple of cool stories!

We had 6 baptismal dates marked early this week and in 24 hours all of these 6 people completely rejected us!

One guy put his Book of Mormon on his porch with a note that read: “Tome seu livro e siga teu caminho!” Which translates: “Take your book and hit the road!” I got that note saved and I think I am going to frame it!

So there is opposition in all things, at times things are tough but we just can’t get down when the challenges come. We have to laugh it off and keep going. Obviously I was sad to know that those 6 people had rejected something that would have brought them eternal joy, but as a missionary we have to be optimistic and know that what really matters is that we did our part.
People have their agency and we respect that!

The other cool story is that Angelo is going to get baptized this next week! Yesterday his daughter was baptized and it really touched his heart, he is getting more and more close to Christ every day! IT is great to see his progress! We also have another baptism marked for this week so we have high hopes and expectations. AND IT’S P-DAY! WOOT things are great here.
The Lord lives! We aren’t perfect, but because He is, it doesn’t matter!

Elder Topper Yost

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