October 21st 10/21/2013

Hey World!

Daylight savings stinks!

It was just another great week in paradise, and not much extraordinary happened, but I got just a couple of cool stories!

We had 6 baptismal dates marked early this week and in 24 hours all of these 6 people completely rejected us!

One guy put his Book of Mormon on his porch with a note that read: “Tome seu livro e siga teu caminho!” Which translates: “Take your book and hit the road!” I got that note saved and I think I am going to frame it!

So there is opposition in all things, at times things are tough but we just can’t get down when the challenges come. We have to laugh it off and keep going. Obviously I was sad to know that those 6 people had rejected something that would have brought them eternal joy, but as a missionary we have to be optimistic and know that what really matters is that we did our part.
People have their agency and we respect that!

The other cool story is that Angelo is going to get baptized this next week! Yesterday his daughter was baptized and it really touched his heart, he is getting more and more close to Christ every day! IT is great to see his progress! We also have another baptism marked for this week so we have high hopes and expectations. AND IT’S P-DAY! WOOT things are great here.
The Lord lives! We aren’t perfect, but because He is, it doesn’t matter!

Elder Topper Yost


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