Well in an hour I am stepping on a bus and going to the mission office in Juiz de Fora because after 11 weeks here in Teresópolis, I am getting transferred! I am going to a new zone in Volta Redonda on the Rio side of the mission!

I am super bummed to leave Teresópolis! We have changed the zone SO much! This next week there are going to be 10 baptisms here in Teresopolis 2coming from our area! It stinks to have to miss out on that! We had 5 investigators in church this last Sunday and the ward is kicking into gear with great referrals from the ward!

This last transfer was the craziest transfer in my mission! We baptized 3 men. We brought a zone to the top of the mission as far as baptizing goes. Now I have to do the same with a new zone! It will be great and the miracles will follow!

It is tough to leave behind my roommates that have gotten so close together. They are great and we are all with high spirits and hopes for this next transfer!

I am out of time unfortunately but I want to bear my testimony about Eternal families. We are working with a man who is a widower who loved his wife. He still does. It is so great to know that through God’s plan, we will be able to live with our families in His presence forever. Death isn’t the end for us nor for our families. How great is God’s plan!

Have a GREAT week!
O Senhor nos ama! Ele quer que sejamos felized com as nossas famílias!
Elder Topper Yost


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