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Back in Juiz de Fora





Wow, it is so weird writing on a Saturday!
So let’s talk about the weather. Juiz de Fora is a WHOLE lot cooler than where I was a week ago! It has been raining a ton! But it is great here! I will let you in on a bit of my week!

Monday after I got to the Mission Office in Juiz de Fora we had a great meeting with President Cascardi! So I am going to be here in the office for the next 6 months! For the next 5 months, Elder Wilde will be my companion, I am going to try and send some photos of us here. (One Photo is us with the President at the Mission home and the other photo is us with the goodies from the AWESOME CHRISTMAS PACKAGE from home! THANKS MOM AND DAD! You are the BEST! BEEF JERKY! PJ’s! PANCAKES! BACON! BACON! I love you all!)
After meetings with president, we had dinner with guess who? NIRALTO! So when I was here in Juiz de Fora in February this year, we helped Niralto get baptized! Everyone didn’t think that he would stay firm. WELL HE PROVED THEM WRONG! He came out of his car and gave me the biggest hug ever! He is bringing his brother into the church (His brother Diogo will be baptized after they get married in January). Niralto is going to the Temple to do baptisms today and in March He will be sealed for time and all eternity with his Wife and kids.
That is the BEST thing I have heard on my whole mission! It is a dream come true to see these blessings enter into his life! Honestly there are happy reunions, but I think this one touched me and gave me a testimony of How the Lord loves and Cares for his sheep!

We helped Elder Grant Pray (the last AP) and Elder Oakes (a great Zone leader) get home. We had an amazing dinner with them on their last night here. The spirit was SO strong and we got to see 2 missionaries who had magnified their callings finish their missions and felt the spirit testify that to them and to us.

Elder Wilde is GREAT! He is from Vegas and studied in UVU. I knew him in the MTC. I will get to know him a lot more over the next few months!
WELL I am out of time. But just as a quick thought
This Christmas season let’s think of what the great presents you have received in your life. Think about the gifts that Christ has given you. What can YOU give to him this year? Your heart.

a fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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So I didnt have time to read your emails, but Here is my update!

President called me up this morning and said “Elder Yost, you need to catch the bus from Volta Redonda at noon and be with all of your bags packed, you are going home”
Just kidding! He called me to be his new Assistant! WOOT! I am super Nervous!
What does an assistant do!? HAHA
Well my obedience is going well and am going back to Juiz de Fora and back to Jardím America! That is where i was Last Christmas! I am STOKED!
Next week I will have more time to write!
Love Topper

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Happy December!‏

DSC00102 (2)
Olá! bom Dia todo mundo! Estou feliz estar falando com vocês!
Happy December! It was a Great week! So much to talk about!
In chronological order

Tuesday last week we taught Michel and Jilcilêni (good luck saying that!). We didn’t have enough Book of Mormons with us when we taught them last week so we came back to give them a book on Tuesday. Well turns out that Michel was looking to buy one on the internet! It was an early Christmas when we gave him one and said it was for free, under the condition that he reads it and prays about it! It was a great lesson, one of those that I won’t forget! They have been reading every day since we have given it to them. They are a testimony for me that the Lord prepares His people!

Wednesday we had a Mission Tour with President Gavarret, an area authority here in Brazil. It was AMAZING! We learned a ton about how we can be more effective as missionaries. He wanted a volunteer to practice the baptismal challenge with him. I didn’t wait a second. We stood up and looked him right in the eye and invited him to be baptized. I felt so nervous but it was great and he explained to everyone in the room how our challenges for baptism should be as I did mine! SCORE!

Thursday was Thanksgiving! I put pictures of our Thanksgiving Meal. We got Brazilian barbeque and it was AMAZING!

Friday was black Friday (interesting how there is black Friday but there isn’t thanksgiving here!). It was kinda sad because we had an Investigator decide not to continue learning about the church. She had heard too much bad talk from her pastor about the Book of Mormon and that scared her away from the Church. We saw her throw her Book of Mormon off a Bridge into the river… That hurt. The Lord is merciful to all, I hope we planted a seed in her heart that someone will reap in the future.

Yesterday we had a great Sunday and we had to travel to help some elders in our zone with a Baptism, that ate up our day but their convert was great! Someone that I had interviewed the last week, she was really ready to make that step and the Elders had a Great baptismal Service.
I have learned that we can get to the end of a week and say that the week was well spent when I can look back at every day of that week and see how the Lord guided us that day. That is how I felt about this last week. The Lord really is Merciful to all of us. This is His work. It is a living work because He is a living God!

A fé é tudo! Feliz Dezembro!
Elder Topper Yost

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Happy Thanksgiving!‏




Break out the Rice and Beans! Its thanksgiving time!

So Thanksgiving is another American Holiday that doesn’t exist in Brazil! Everyone here has their eyes and wallets set on Christmas. Note: Even though they don’t celebrate thanksgiving, everyone celebrates Black Friday here… odd.

So we had an interesting experience. SO we got a referral from Facebook of a girl named Quésia (see the last chapter of Job). We got a text message with her address saying that she wanted to learn more about the church. Well we got to her house and she freaked out because no one knew how we got her address. We claimed it was revelation LOL. Any how we taught her in front of her house and she accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.

We returned on Saturday and it was clear that someone in her church had filled her heard with doubt and she spent the entire lesson looking through her Bible to find what her Pastor had showed her, she couldn’t remember, and so we testified that when the Holy Ghost teaches us something he helps us to remember what we learned. She wanted to give the Book back but we asked her it give it one more chance and to go to Church the next day.

I bet Elder Charles that she wouldn’t come. I lost that bet! She came to the meeting. After church she went to the fireside about the missionary work that we had. After that, she went to the house of some members to eat. God has been working in her heart and has been preparing her to receive the message of the gospel. It was a great testimony to me that when we do our part, the Lord does His.

Well, I want to send just a little list of things that I am grateful for here as a Missionary in Brazil. (not in any order)
1) Clouds
2) Pão de Queijo
3) Ice Cream on a hot day
4) Letters and emails from home
5) Rain (anything that helps avoid the heat is on the list)
6) The Book of Mormon
7) Family
8) Sleep
9) Good food
10) Referrals from members of the Church

My list could go on, but I want to share a cool scripture about thanks giving.
Alma 26:37 Now my brethren, we see that God is amindful of every bpeople, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen.
The thing that I am most thankful for this year is the fact that God is mindful of all of his children, you, me, and everyone. Here in Brazil, back in the States it doesn’t matter. Because God loves us so much, he gives us EVERYTHING that he knows we need. As we obey His word, he takes care of us and blesses us infinitely!

Have a great week! Até logo!
Elder Topper Yost

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We got our Zone sun glasses after loosing the mail.  It was a hit!

We got our Zone sun glasses after loosing the mail. It was a hit!


Sup World!

Sittin at the Computer is so great! And I love reading your letters!

1 year and 5 months in WOW I can’t believe that another year is coming to an end! 2014 is just a thanksgiving, black Friday, and Christmas away!
Let me tell you about my new comp.

Brendon Morgan Charles is from So-Cal as well. He is from Chino, he has 24 years and is super cool. I think I speak better Portuguese than he does, but together everyone understands us. He likes hip-hop, he has a pull-up bar so we are going to get ripped and all in all he is a great guy.

So Volta Redonda is really different! Here it is all flat! HALLELUJAH! REALLY that is the best thing in the world because all of my other areas were really hilly! There is a few trains that pass through the city and there is a big river. I really like it so far! And we found Ray-Bans for 2 bucks! Totally am bringing home a pair!

We found a couple who literally live next to the train tracks and they are SUPER great, his name is Michel and her name is Jucineia. They have 2 small kids and aren’t married (YET). We taught them the first lesson and they are SUPER excited to go to Church and keep learning more. They have desires to provide more for their families materially and spiritually. How good is it that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses you in all ways! I am happy to work with them and help them come unto Christ.

President Cascardi has been talking a lot about Santificai-vos! Which means Sanctify yourselves! In the Bible dictionary to sanctify oneself means to purify yourself, clean yourself, and become holy. How do we do this? We lay aside our rebellions, put our thoughts in Christ, Repent, and let the atonement of Christ change our hearts. THAT is what the lord expects of us! as we put our trust in Him, He will change us to one day be as He is. I know that is true! He lives and He loves us!

Have a GREAT week! Até nos encontramos de novo! Amo todos de vocês! A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost

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