Back in Juiz de Fora





Wow, it is so weird writing on a Saturday!
So let’s talk about the weather. Juiz de Fora is a WHOLE lot cooler than where I was a week ago! It has been raining a ton! But it is great here! I will let you in on a bit of my week!

Monday after I got to the Mission Office in Juiz de Fora we had a great meeting with President Cascardi! So I am going to be here in the office for the next 6 months! For the next 5 months, Elder Wilde will be my companion, I am going to try and send some photos of us here. (One Photo is us with the President at the Mission home and the other photo is us with the goodies from the AWESOME CHRISTMAS PACKAGE from home! THANKS MOM AND DAD! You are the BEST! BEEF JERKY! PJ’s! PANCAKES! BACON! BACON! I love you all!)
After meetings with president, we had dinner with guess who? NIRALTO! So when I was here in Juiz de Fora in February this year, we helped Niralto get baptized! Everyone didn’t think that he would stay firm. WELL HE PROVED THEM WRONG! He came out of his car and gave me the biggest hug ever! He is bringing his brother into the church (His brother Diogo will be baptized after they get married in January). Niralto is going to the Temple to do baptisms today and in March He will be sealed for time and all eternity with his Wife and kids.
That is the BEST thing I have heard on my whole mission! It is a dream come true to see these blessings enter into his life! Honestly there are happy reunions, but I think this one touched me and gave me a testimony of How the Lord loves and Cares for his sheep!

We helped Elder Grant Pray (the last AP) and Elder Oakes (a great Zone leader) get home. We had an amazing dinner with them on their last night here. The spirit was SO strong and we got to see 2 missionaries who had magnified their callings finish their missions and felt the spirit testify that to them and to us.

Elder Wilde is GREAT! He is from Vegas and studied in UVU. I knew him in the MTC. I will get to know him a lot more over the next few months!
WELL I am out of time. But just as a quick thought
This Christmas season let’s think of what the great presents you have received in your life. Think about the gifts that Christ has given you. What can YOU give to him this year? Your heart.

a fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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