We got our Zone sun glasses after loosing the mail.  It was a hit!

We got our Zone sun glasses after loosing the mail. It was a hit!


Sup World!

Sittin at the Computer is so great! And I love reading your letters!

1 year and 5 months in WOW I can’t believe that another year is coming to an end! 2014 is just a thanksgiving, black Friday, and Christmas away!
Let me tell you about my new comp.

Brendon Morgan Charles is from So-Cal as well. He is from Chino, he has 24 years and is super cool. I think I speak better Portuguese than he does, but together everyone understands us. He likes hip-hop, he has a pull-up bar so we are going to get ripped and all in all he is a great guy.

So Volta Redonda is really different! Here it is all flat! HALLELUJAH! REALLY that is the best thing in the world because all of my other areas were really hilly! There is a few trains that pass through the city and there is a big river. I really like it so far! And we found Ray-Bans for 2 bucks! Totally am bringing home a pair!

We found a couple who literally live next to the train tracks and they are SUPER great, his name is Michel and her name is Jucineia. They have 2 small kids and aren’t married (YET). We taught them the first lesson and they are SUPER excited to go to Church and keep learning more. They have desires to provide more for their families materially and spiritually. How good is it that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses you in all ways! I am happy to work with them and help them come unto Christ.

President Cascardi has been talking a lot about Santificai-vos! Which means Sanctify yourselves! In the Bible dictionary to sanctify oneself means to purify yourself, clean yourself, and become holy. How do we do this? We lay aside our rebellions, put our thoughts in Christ, Repent, and let the atonement of Christ change our hearts. THAT is what the lord expects of us! as we put our trust in Him, He will change us to one day be as He is. I know that is true! He lives and He loves us!

Have a GREAT week! Até nos encontramos de novo! Amo todos de vocês! A fé é tudo!
Elder Topper Yost


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