Happy December!‏

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Olá! bom Dia todo mundo! Estou feliz estar falando com vocês!
Happy December! It was a Great week! So much to talk about!
In chronological order

Tuesday last week we taught Michel and Jilcilêni (good luck saying that!). We didn’t have enough Book of Mormons with us when we taught them last week so we came back to give them a book on Tuesday. Well turns out that Michel was looking to buy one on the internet! It was an early Christmas when we gave him one and said it was for free, under the condition that he reads it and prays about it! It was a great lesson, one of those that I won’t forget! They have been reading every day since we have given it to them. They are a testimony for me that the Lord prepares His people!

Wednesday we had a Mission Tour with President Gavarret, an area authority here in Brazil. It was AMAZING! We learned a ton about how we can be more effective as missionaries. He wanted a volunteer to practice the baptismal challenge with him. I didn’t wait a second. We stood up and looked him right in the eye and invited him to be baptized. I felt so nervous but it was great and he explained to everyone in the room how our challenges for baptism should be as I did mine! SCORE!

Thursday was Thanksgiving! I put pictures of our Thanksgiving Meal. We got Brazilian barbeque and it was AMAZING!

Friday was black Friday (interesting how there is black Friday but there isn’t thanksgiving here!). It was kinda sad because we had an Investigator decide not to continue learning about the church. She had heard too much bad talk from her pastor about the Book of Mormon and that scared her away from the Church. We saw her throw her Book of Mormon off a Bridge into the river… That hurt. The Lord is merciful to all, I hope we planted a seed in her heart that someone will reap in the future.

Yesterday we had a great Sunday and we had to travel to help some elders in our zone with a Baptism, that ate up our day but their convert was great! Someone that I had interviewed the last week, she was really ready to make that step and the Elders had a Great baptismal Service.
I have learned that we can get to the end of a week and say that the week was well spent when I can look back at every day of that week and see how the Lord guided us that day. That is how I felt about this last week. The Lord really is Merciful to all of us. This is His work. It is a living work because He is a living God!

A fé é tudo! Feliz Dezembro!
Elder Topper Yost


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