Diogo and Telbia’s Big Brazilian Wedding ‏ 1.25.2014



Bom Dia!

It was a great week! (I feel like I say that a lot!) But it really was! We had miracles; last night was a wedding of 2 of our investigators and tonight will be their baptism. Are we just stoked out of our mind? You bet!

This month is a month of interviews and we are 5/8ths done! The week started with splits with the Zone Leaders in Volta Redonda, we got to work with Elder Charles (my ex-comp) and Elder Jack Nielson (pretty much my favorite missionary ever!). It was a short split because we had to help out with the interviews, but even though, we had some cool lessons!

I was with Elder Nielson, and we got to visit a man who was run over by a car last year (ouch) and he was a little resistant to go to church for fear of having to walk around on his bad leg. We had a lesson driven by the spirit. We read some Enos with him and told him that the fight for the forgiveness of sins is worth the sweet confirmation of salvation. We testified of the Book of Mormon, and when we left, we looked back and he already opened up the book and was reading. It was sweet! We had no other plans after that and we decided to tract by the spirit, we found a great new family for them to teach and had a great lesson.

Last night, like I said, Diogo and Telbia got married! Our ward did a great job! I was worried because every time that we asked them or the ward’s relief society president what we could do to help out they said that it was all under control. That stressed me out! But we got there at 8pm last night and it was the best wedding I have ever seen. The violinist was more or less spot-on, and the most important thing was that Diogo and Telbia were glowing and looked great! We went to take pictures with them afterwards and Diogo hugged us said that he will always keep us in his heart. Their Children were all in tears and the spirit was super strong the entire night. We are excited to have their baptismal service tonight. Just to let you know, Diogo has overcome heavy drugs, cigarettes, and gotten married so that they can be baptized.

From Diogo’s experience I strengthened my testimony that the Lord is so merciful with his children. He is always finding new ways to bring every one of His children home. All of them, without exception, He does that because He Loves us. He will never abandon us. His mercy is available to all of us sinners as we seek to do His will.

A fé é Tudo!

Elder Topper Yost


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