O Copo do Mundo! 2.‏ 22.2014



Boa Tarde!
It is 1:30 over here and about 80 degrees outside and Its the best time of the week when I get to talk to all of you back in the states!

I am sending you a photo of the latest marketing from Coca-Cola. They are little coke bottles that are driving EVERYBODY CRAZY. In order to get one, you need to grab 4 points from bottle caps on various coke products. Then you bring R$3,80 (US $1.58) to a trade center to get a randomized bottle. Coke has made it so that it isnt enough to buy the soda, you have to buy the collectable “minigarrafinhas” also! Missionaries are asking investigators and members for their coke lids. Everyone wants their set! We went to a trade center this morning and people are going crazy to complete their set, buying, selling, trading its taken over!
I was joking with Elder Wilde saying I just wanted one of Brazil, but now we are probably going to the trade center every p-day until its over! LOL Coke owns Brazil!

We are getting ready because on Tuesday we are starting our Zone conferences and that will be a lot of of fun. We are also preparing for a really famous member of the Church is going to come to Juiz de Fora on wednesday to give a sermon. His name is Carlos Wizard Martins and he is the founder of the most sucessfull english schools here in Brazil. We have been spereading the word and there will be a Lot of people who will come to the church on wednesday just to hear him. I hope that we get some great references from this sermon! We have been going to the English Schools here in Juiz de Fora to spread the word and everyone looks at us so funny when we walk in. They bombard us with questions about the states and we feel like celebrities. Its pretty nice!

On another note, I have been seeing a lot of blessings for work that I did in other areas that I passed through. I got a call from an Elder and he told me that Alberone (an investigator that Elder Sales and I tought in Teresópolis) got baptized with his 2 children. Also Rafael (a recent convert that we baptized in Teresópolis) has baptized over 5 of his brothers and cousins since I got transfered out of there! Wendel and Celina are doing great too! They were reactivated by the sister missionaries in Leopoldina and on Sunday Wendel is coming to a preisthood meeting in Juiz de Fora. I am so happy to hear how the Lord knows His sheep and that they are counted in His eyes.

I have been reflecting a lot about how very little we do, in the big picture, as missionaries and members of the church. And yet the very little that we do after trying our best and maybe failing in the attempt of reaching some great goal. If it just a step in the right direction, the Lord will bless us hundred fold and we will know His almighty hand. The Lord has great blessings for those who seek to do His willl. He promises to all of us.

“for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.”
I have felt His hand and know that His angels protect His children.

A fé é tudo!
Elder Yost


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