March already!?!‏ 3.1.2014

This morning I woke up, looked at the phone and told Elder Wilde, “You are going home next month!” He wasn’t that happy to hear that LOL!

It is so good to be here! And it is so good that it is SATURDAY! The streets here in Juiz de Fora are completely empty this morning, everyone is sleeping and getting ready for the “blocos” that there are going to be due to Carnival this year. Last Saturday we hit the streets and just saw the Chaos that happened due to the decision that the Juiz de Fora City Council made to have Carnival start a week earlier. We decided to work in an area that just happened to have the biggest party. We tried to walk by the “bloco,” without getting into any trouble. The smell of alcohol and urine just reeked. After a few failed attempts to teach we had to leave that area for another side of the city. the President Cascardi has given us a rule that we can’t tract or contact after 7pm during carnival and that Missionaries have to be home at 9pm the latest. Here in the mission we don’t really see much problems with Carnival, everyone goes to Rio. There it is crazy.

We had a great week! On Wednesday we had a famous Brazilian Billionaire give a sermon about being self-sufficient and we had the whole city invited. We as missionaries in Juiz de Fora greeted people and there wasn’t room in the chapel to stand to watch the sermon. As nonmembers came in by the carful, a question crossed my mind. WHY CANT SUNDAY MORNINGS BE LIKE THAT!? I mean eternal salvation may be just a tad more important than money, just maybe you think? Anyway we got a ton of references for the mission and we are super excited to go contact them and see the hand of the Lord even more. We got to meet the man who gave the sermon; he was a mission president in Brazil and gave us a great technique that we are going to use in the mission. We are excited, President is excited, and we know that the Lord has great things in store for us.

Last night we got to teach Carol, who went to church 2 weeks ago with us and after talking to her “Padre” she told us that she didn’t want to meet with us anymore. We felt like we should visit her and when we got there she was coming out of being a bit drunk, and she told us hared how she needs more light in her life. We invited her to learn more with us about the gospel, and she accepted. We are going to visit her tonight.

The Lord knows His sheep. They are numbered by Him. God is always preparing ways for each one of His children to come unto salvation. Many times we have a critical role in God’s plan for the salvation of his children. We need to always be in tune with the spirit to know what He expects us to do.

A fé é tudo.
Elder Yost


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