Big Week!‏ 4.19.14





DSC03397Bom Dia! Como está todo mundo!? Estou bem, e feliz fazendo um churrasco aqui com o Elder Ferrin!

Hello world! We had a big week and I think that I have worked more this week than I ever have before! And when we work the Lord blesses us so much, we saw the Lord’s hand in our work this week.
There is so much to talk about and such little time so here we go!

On Saturday last week we got up to the top of the Morro de Cristo and when we got to the top we heard some guys talking next to us in English. Turns out, one is from southern London, the other is from Malaysia (spelling?) and the other from Portugal. They work in São Paulo and were doing some sightseeing in the city “while [they] [were] still sober,” before going to a party later that night according to the Brit, LOL. We talked to them a bunch on top of the hill and it is so apparent how different of lifestyles we as missionaries live. I love being a missionary! I love the Christian life! Wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Sunday we had a fast and testimony meeting with the ward. Niralto (my first baptism with Elder C. Silva over a year ago) is going to the temple on the 3oth to get sealed and half the ward (including his wife) got up and bore powerful testimony about the gospel and eternal families. It was amazing and touched the heart of our investigators that were watching. Simone (his wife) started to cry while she talked about her child hood dream of being sealed coming true. I love being a missionary!

Tuesday was the Mission Tour, We had an area seventy come and give a talk for the whole mission. I was in charge of keeping everyone in order before President Cascardi showed up with Elder Souza. That was rough, but everything went smoothly. He talked about how repentance has a very negative connotation here in Brazil that means to suffer and how that is completely opposite to what repentance really is. It is a great opportunity to start over again and turn our life back toward God and accept His will. True that! We then got on a bus with the missionaries to go to do divisions in três corações (a 5 hour bus ride) we got in at 01:00 in the morning and got up at 6:30 the next day. I love being a missionary!

Thursday was Sister Cascardi’s birthday! We had a little dinner with Sister Cascardi and President ate cake and that was fun, but it wasn’t the highlight of the week by far.

Earlier Thursday night we were hunting down a referral, after getting into the house of the referral, Paula (the referral’s friend) walked in and after we taught a short lesson invited us to her house to talk with her family. Paula told us that for the past few days she had been praying that God would send the truth to her. She had attended various churches over the years but whenever she was going to get baptized in that church, she would feel that something wasn’t right and begin looking for another church. After teaching her and her husband (Luis Carlos who is an inactive member) the restoration, she told us that God had answered her prayers and that she would read the Book of Mormon, pray about it and if it was true, get baptized.
Last night we went to visit them again and follow up on her reading. We didn’t even ask her when she told us that she read the book and prayed about it. She told us how God answered her prayer and that she knows that the book was true. She couldn’t leave her house yesterday for fear that we would come and she wouldn’t be home. She told us how she kept asking her husband if we would come that day or not. Sufficient to say it was a great lesson. I love this family; they are going to be blessed so much!
I know that this is the work of the Lord! He lives! And because of Him, we have the chance to start over and over again. We can find or, if we need to, return on the path to the kingdom of heaven. That is the great message of this Easter Sunday. I bear my testimony of the resurrected Christ. I love Him, He loves all of us!

A Fé é Tudo!
Elder Yost


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